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The requirement for integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions

An evolving and complex threat landscape (peer and peer+) means that defence organisations worldwide are facing adversaries that are using smaller, faster and more agile platforms. The ability to find these threats both in the traditional battlespace and the Grey Zone becomes ever harder and there is a need for an integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) approach across all domains to achieve better operational effectiveness. At the heart of gathering this data and understanding the environment around them is sensing. 

Our offerings include:

Advice and guidance with deep expertise in innovate research and development to exploit emerging and disruptive sensing technologies, alongside maximising and enhancing performance.

Products and services with sensor solutions to meet challenging threats and environments, spanning the EM spectrum and data fusion systems.

Test and evaluation to provide assurance for all sensing and signature solutions to be fully ready for deployment to gain operational advantage. 

Insights Report: Sensing in the increasingly sensitive world
Get your copy of our 12-page in-depth insights report (PDF) exploring sensing in today's complex environments, sensing technology and the capability of adversaries, alongside trends and technologies and actionable recommendations.

Domain whitepapers

Download our four whitepapers exploring Hiding and Seeking across each of the Air, Land, Sea and Space domains.

Article and Modernising Land Platforms

Read our new article below and explore sensors as part of a suite of technologies to modernise and enhance tracked and wheeled land platforms.