EDP Annual Review 2023


Fifth edition of Annual Review provides reflection point at landmark milestone.

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The latest Annual Review published by The Aurora Engineering Partnership and the MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) team marks the fifth anniversary of the EDP contract. Reflecting on major programme highlights since 2018, the latest Annual Review also offers insight into the different Aurora partner offerings, the multi-layered support provided throughout the customer journey and how the programme is gearing up to meet future requirements through its Digital Engineering strategy.

The joint team between DE&S and Aurora can be rightly proud of its achievements over the last five years; contracting £1.5bn worth of orders and delivering 21,000 engineering outputs is a significant undertaking. This leaves the programme well placed to respond to the emerging challenges across defence, and to accelerate the deployment of critical engineering capability where it is needed most.

Simon Galt, Managing Director of the Aurora Engineering Partnership which is responsible for delivering the EDP service, remarks, the five-year anniversary of the EDP contract is a fantastic milestone to not only reflect back on past achievements but also an opportunity to look forward ahead as we plan for the future. Between DE&S and Aurora, our ambition has always been to strive for excellence. We look forward to the next few years of collaboration, as the programme continues to evolve and adapt in ensuring it is able to meet ever-changing engineering requirements.

The global threat to peace both in Europe and beyond has increased demand on both our Armed Forces, and to DE&S. The desire for increased pace has challenged the Aurora Engineering Partnership to improve its responsiveness, and re-think the delivery of some of its critical outputs. Meanwhile within the Provider Network (PN), Aurora has now established domain-based Communities of Interest (COI) to discuss in more detail the demand for engineering capability across the enterprise. These events also enable our Dragons’ Den sessions, where members of the PN can showcase their capabilities by pitching their innovative ideas to DE&S leaders.

Paul Belcher, Head of Engineering Group, DE&S commented, EDP has proven both its effectiveness and necessity during a year of significant change, financial pressures and in response to an increasingly demanding security picture. Our partnership with Aurora has continued to grow, with a focus on optimising the effectiveness and timeliness of services provided through closer working and a shared intent to provide the very best support to our Armed Forces.

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What is the Engineering Delivery Partnership (EDP)?

EDP is the default route for the procurement of engineering services for DE&S, and is available to other MOD departments and agencies. The EDP contract with MOD is delivered through the Aurora Engineering Partnership, led by QinetiQ in partnership with AtkinsRéalis and BMT, and is supported by a world-class network of specialist providers.

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