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Welcome to the Aurora Engineering Partnership – Engineering Delivery Partner for Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S).

What is the Engineering Delivery Partner (EDP)?
  • EDP is the default route for the procurement of engineering services for DE&S, and is available to other MOD departments and agencies.
How is EDP delivered?
  • EDP is delivered through the Aurora Engineering Partnership – a unique partnership between QinetiQ, Atkins and BMT that is supported with a world-class network of specialist providers.
How EDP will make a difference?
  • The EDP programme provides a strategic approach to the sourcing and provision of skills to meet the current and projected demands of the MOD.  Driving both efficiency gains and operational benefits through innovation and collaboration, EDP is helping to reduce the costs of engineering services while delivering the best equipment and support service for UK Armed Forces.
Our vision for EDP
  • To deliver a strong, progressive and professional engineering partnership that leads by example in maximising agile and efficient outcomes for front line equipment and support.
Our mission for EDP
  • To provide leadership across the engineering enterprise and, through effective partnership and a clear focus on outcomes, to drive increased performance and productivity across the full range of engineering services.
Scope of services

The Aurora Engineering Partnership brings together proven defence sector experience and pulls on a broader technological, engineering and safety expertise from a world class network of niche and specialist providers to deliver:

    Capability, Innovation, Technology Development & Assessment
  • Clear definition of user requirements
  • Clear definition of system requirements
  • Test, Evaluation & Acceptance
  • Independent Assurance, Evaluation & Advice
  • Through-life Availability Management
  • Through-life Capability Management
  • Legislative & Regulatory Compliance: Certification, Safety, Security & Environmental
  • Supplier Technical Assessment & Monitoring
  • Engineering Support to Decisions
  • Knowledge Management

QinetiQ, Atkins and BMT have joined forces to form The Aurora Engineering Partnership. This brings together considerable cross-sector and non-defence experience, supported by a world class Provider Network of specialist providers.

About QinetiQ
QinetiQ logo

QinetiQ is a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and critical infrastructure markets. We work in partnership with our customers to solve real world problems through innovative solutions delivering operational and competitive advantage. We are 6000 people creating new ways of protecting what matters most; testing technologies, systems, and processes to make sure they work as expected; and enabling customers to deploy new and enhanced-existing capabilities with the assurance they will deliver the outcomes required.

About Atkins

Atkins logo

Atkins is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies. We are proud to have worked with the MOD for over three decades on some of the most critical systems and infrastructure projects covering the maritime, land, air and joint domains.

About BMT

BMT logo

BMT provides independent technical expertise and consultancy. We offer design solutions, asset management, programme delivery and technology services in the defence, security, transport, energy and infrastructure markets. We tackle the most complex engineering and programme challenges, blending capabilities from the spectrum of engineering disciplines to deliver enduring and value-adding solutions.

About the Provider Network

We have 184 companies signed to our EDP Provider Network with the capability and capacity to sustain MOD in-scope requirements.

Our supportive strategy and SME-friendly terms and conditions (including removal of unlimited liabilities and consequential losses) have created open and inclusive opportunities to join the Provider Network.  These include the use of Defence Contract Online and an informative webinar for potential providers as well as a common e-sourcing tool and procurement processes across the Partnership. As a result, nearly 70% of the companies in the Provider Network are SMEs.

Advisory Group

The Provider Network Advisory Group has been established with representatives for the following categories:

  • Micro Provider (Quorum)
  • Small Provider (Red Scientific)
  • Medium Provider (CDS)
  • Large Provider (Frazer-Nash).

The Advisory Group also includes industry bodies ADS and Tech UK .

Building the Provider Network

The Aurora Provider Network has been established through a rigorous tender process which included the following four stages:

Stage 1: Expressions of Interest (EOI) utilising Defence Contracts Online/Defence Contracts Bulletin (the MOD advertising portal), social media, and via direct broadcast to organisations in the existing supply chains and through trade bodies (including ADS and Tech UK).

Stage 2: Aurora Engineering Partnership created a webinar to enable industry to judge whether participation in the PQQ process would be worthwhile based on their own organisations’ capability and interests.

Stage 3: Those individuals that viewed the webinar and who wished to proceed with a pre-qualification submission were invited to register on CurtisFitch, an e-sourcing software suite customised for the Aurora Engineering Partnership.

Stage 4: Pre-qualification assessment process evaluated both Technical and Commercial aspects of each pre-qualification submission.

Approved Providers are invited to compete for work under the Aurora Engineering Partnership in line with their approved category codes.

Sustaining the Provider Network

The Aurora Engineering Partnership manages access to the Provider Network on a two year cycle to provide a dynamic environment for approved suppliers to win work. The first refresh of the network has now been completed through a managed EOI/ PQQ process. In certain circumstances, additional Providers may be invited into the network e.g. where we have been directed to use a specific Provider or where a unique capability that is not already available in the Provider Network is required.

Informing the Future

Futures Lab, powered by EDP, is a responsive new service dedicated to exploiting the knowledge and experience of industry and academia to provide constructive challenge and impartial decision support to respond to the ever-changing, complex-threat defence environment. As part of Future Capability Group (FCG) within Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), the Futures Lab Team contributes directly to the FCG Mission: “To improve the delivery of military capability through innovation, exploitation of technology and provision of impartial advice.”

Futures Lab is available through the existing Engineering Delivery Partnership (EDP) framework which is DE&S’ default route to market for contracting engineering services focused on delivering cutting edge military capabilities. Seeking to harness the benefits of cognitive diversity that power high performing teams Futures Lab will draw together a broad spectrum of knowledge and specialist expertise from industry and academia. These ‘rainbow teams’ will assist the Front Line Commands (FLC) through provision of evidence-based decision support tailored to their needs and aligned with the Futures Lab service categories.

Collaborative by nature, the Futures Lab team provides a knowledgeable, trusted and reliable interface to stakeholders across the FLCs through the journey from ideation to exploitation, powered by EDP.

Call for Expressions of Interest to support the future of MOD engineering support services

It’s nearly two years since our first call to industry to create a diverse, collaborative and sustainable Provider Network for the Engineering Delivery Partner (EDP) programme.

UK MOD Front Line Commands set to benefit from new decision support capability that replaces former Niteworks service

The Aurora Engineering Partnership is pleased to confirm the introduction of a collaborative and agile new service to drive innovation and address complex defence challenges for the UK MOD.

How does the EDP support the Integrated Review?

There can be little argument that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented one of the biggest challenges on our shores since World War II. It has highlighted the vulnerability of our way of life across the globe to new and unexpected external threats.